Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gratitude Tree

Thought I'd pass on a Thanksgiving idea that I got from MOPS... For FHE this past Monday we made a "gratitude tree", which basically consists of a trunk made of a grocery bag and the leaves made out of our hands traced on colored paper. We talked about gratitude and what it means to be thankful for something. We each traced both our hands and said two things we were thankful for and put them on the tree. Then we traced lots more hands and then throughout the month at dinner time or as we think of things, we are going to put them on our gratitude tree. I thought this was a great idea because it extends the Thanksgiving Holiday all month long. We often do things like that for Christmas, but not so much for Thanksgiving. Plus, I remember growing up that we would all go around the table on Thanksgiving and say what we were thankful for...but we were too focused on eating the food to really think too much about we all just said home, family, gospel... I'm hoping this way, since we will talk about it all month that we can dig a little deeper and fill the whole tree with MANY things we are thankful for. Then on Thanksgiving, we can go back and read them:) Just thought I'd pass along the idea...:)

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