Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun at Micky D's!

This week I had fun reconnecting with my long-time friend Marianne (Nielsen) Warner. Her and I became good friends when she moved here when we were twelve years old. We discovered our birthdays are only three days apart and that we were actually in the nursery at the same hospital in Provo, Utah at the same time:) We clicked and then when she moved to Ann Arbor we remained friends as we grew up in the stake together, went to girls camp, went to college, she went on a mission, moved with her family to Japan and back, both got married, and now have kids similar in age. She lives in Kansas but was back visiting her family in Saline so we decided it was a great opportunity to get together. So here are a few pictures of our reuniting:) Then, to top it total coincidence, another friend of ours from the stake and girls camp, Kristin (Quinn) Ellis, popped in to McDonald's with her kids:) It was fun to see both of them. I love meeting new friends, but there is just something about old friends that is so wonderful...the history together I suppose:) Thanks Marianne and Kristin!


  1. You guys all look so great! Girls camp was so much fun. :) Looks like you all had a great time together!

  2. I'm so glad you finally got your memory card to work...yeah! It was really fun seeing you and your kids again. Wish we lived closer. Remember Overland Park, KS in your searches! There are no cornfields there!

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