Friday, September 19, 2008

Time to Make the Doughnuts!

Today Tanner, Logan and I made homemade doughnuts (going to all these apple orchards kind of put me in the mood to try that:) So here they are...with their messy hands...cutting donuts out, shaking all the cinnamon, sugar, and powdered sugar on, etc. We had a great time....not sure if they tasted all that wonderful, but it was sure fun making them!!)


  1. You are sooo brave! If only I had the patience. Your boys are too cute. Of course and so is Mallory. Can't wait to finally meet the twins...maybe we'll finally be able to meet up this time around.

  2. Oh Yum!!! I felt like I was in the same mood when we got home from the orchard. I made banana bread and homemade Italian calzones for dinner. =0) I wonder if being out in the fields all the time is what kept the pioneer women cooking.? I thought my own baking could also be some "nesting" coming out...

  3. Is there anything you don't do! You are super human. I figured you out! You have super powers!