Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Wife = Happy Life:)

Ok, so normally I don't just put one picture on my blog postings...but this time, sadly, there is only one:( The reason being that about a minute after this picture was taken, my camera broke and I couldn't take anymore:( Yesterday Scott took a half day off work and we went to the U of M Botanical Gardens to check them out since we hadn't been there before. As many of you know, I love taking pictures and had thought this would be a great place to take some nice outdoor pictures...well, right after this first picture, I put my camera on top of the stroller and it fell off and broke:( For me, this is like losing a limb...I loved my camera and it was less than a year old. Anyways, so after my camera broke I was ticked and couldn't enjoy the day. I have to admit I sulked the whole way home. I was expecting Scott might try to be funny and say something like..."well, at least you found the cure for your blogging addiction", or something like that, but he didn't. He was very sweet and he knows how mch I love to take pictures and that it makes me on the way home, he simply told me to go that evening and buy another camera. He knows me well and knows I'd be sad until I got another one:) I ended up getting a nicer camera than the one I had. I hated to spend the money on replacing my camera, but I'm thankful for Scott, that he is always trying to make me happy...he has joked "happy wife = happy life:)" didn't even skip a beat...and I can continue to feed my picture taking and blogging addiction:) I'm not sure why I like taking pictures so much and posting them various's just something I like to hobby in a way...but I'm grateful for a husband that knows what makes me happy and supports me in every little thing I do. Love you Scottie!


  1. Wow!!! You sure out and about enjoying the fall festivities. Good for you! The big question...are you eating donuts at each cider mill? If so, you better wear your wedding dress a few more times because after the fall cider mill season you won't fit in it anymore. LOL Bummer about your old camera, but congrats on your new one! I'm heading to the botannical gardens shortly for a photo shoot today. I just love it there! Too bad you didn't get to enjoy it as much without your camera. I'm similar...I'm lost without my camera!

  2. So I just need to break my camera in order to get a new one? Nice. I will try it tonight! Hope Matt thinks like Scott! :) alison