Friday, September 26, 2008

Letterboxing Adventures!

Today we went on our first letterboxing hunt and we had a blast! Letterboxing is basically a worldwide treasure hunt. People from all over the world plant "letterboxes" (there are estimated over 20,000) and then they go online and write clues to how to find their letterbox. Thanks to my friend Carrie for introducing us to letterboxing:)...I went to the websites and and we printed off clues to a few locations. We started at Huron Meadows Metropaark (which we never found the one there), then went to the Wildernest Store on Main Street in Brighton, and then to the Red Caboose in front of the store Wood-n-things. So we found two out of three letterboxes. So basically, once you find the letterbox (which contains a stamp, notepad, and pen inside a waterproof container), you take them out and stamp your own "Letterboxing Trail Journal" with the stamp and write where you found it/location...and then you stamp the book in the letterbox with your own stamp, and sign your name and write a note. Then you seal it up once more and put it back for someone else to find.

Tanner and Logan loved this little adventure. They kept saying they were detectives. We went to Target prior to this so they could pick their "trail journals" and they were so excited about their little journals with their stamps in them. Although, I think I was more excited than the kids were each time we found a box:)

So now, on days when we don't have much going on, we are going to go letterboxing! I already printed off the clues for about ten new places to go search for letterboxes...I'd highly recommend it! Once again...thanks Carrie for the idea!


  1. I tell you what, Julie, when I have a day when there's not much going on I sit back and enjoy the quiet! You are Supermom!

  2. I've never heard of such a thing????? WOW! That's just amazing. I can just imagine how fun that would be for kids. What a great idea!

  3. Yeah, so fun! I'm glad you found some. Those are two we haven't done yet!