Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day! I feel so blessed and spoiled this weekend:) I rightfully should on Mother's Day, haha! Scott and the kids did a great job of making me feel special... I went to Women's Conference yesterday which was a nice way to start out the weekend...very uplifting and rejuvinating and a nice break for me. Then I came home and fully expected to be hounded when I walked in, but Scott was like...why don't you take a nice nap (um, ok!...don't have to say that twice!)... Then he got me beautiful flowers and a nice gift card from Kohls (he knows I'd rather go shopping and pick something out myself:) The boys were excited to give me their hot pads they made for me at pre-school and all their little cards and candy bars and things from pre-school and primary at church. What a fun day!

I feel like I appreciate Mother's Day so much because it wasn't too long ago that I had a few Mother's Days that were very hard for me. When Scott and I were trying to get pregnant and were having trouble, there were a few Mother's Days that I didn't want to even go to church. It was too hard seeing all the happy mothers and feeling dumb as they would pass out the flowers to the mothers and they would bring one to me even though I didn't have any kids. I remember one Mother's Day specifically where I just cried through the whole sacrament hard:( But as I look back, those Mother's Days in which I longed for children have made me more appreciative of the Mother's Days now in which I can celebrate and cherish being a mom.

Also, I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful mother myself. She is the most patient, kind, compassionate, righteous, selfless person I know (and I'm not just saying that!...she is!)...I love her soooo much! This mother's day, all of us siblings bought her a new she can communicate with us more through e-mail, pictures, etc. I wasn't able to be there when received it, but apparently she loves it:)

I am constantly in awe of so many mothers that have touched my life and that I try to emulate each grandmothers, mother, mother-in-law, aunts, sisters, friends, etc. To all of you...Happy Mother's Day!

(Here are a few pictures of me and the kiddos before church today:)


  1. Can we have mothers day everyday please:) Beautiful flowers. Hope you had a great day..

  2. I love your comments! I think you are a role model to all mothers. Thanks for being a friend too!

  3. That's such a sweet post, Julie! Your kids are so adorable; you have a gorgeous family. I'm glad you had a nice day~way to go, Scott! (Thanks for sharing your story about previous Mother's Days. It does help give some perspective...)

  4. Um, yeah, I can totally relate. I hated mother's day for almost 10 years when I couldn't get pregnant. I generally tried to find an excuse to skip church those days as well. And my mom was always so kind to give me a gift, along with my sisters (who both were able to have children out of wedlock in their early 20's...argh! LOL). And I too got one of the roses they passed out at church simple because I was a woman. But anyway, fast forward several years and finally I'm a mom of little twin boys. Yesterday I actually made the comment to my friend that it seems like years ago when I had that ache on Mother's day, yearning to be a mom. And I agree, I do believe I cherish each day with them more than I would have if I hadn't (un)patiently waited all of those years. So here's to us mom's who have been given the gift of motherhood...and to those women who continue to struggle with becoming a mother.

  5. I still cringe when they pass out those gifts because I know there's somebody there who is aching inside. It's a really hard day for a lot of women. They asked me to speak last year on Mother's Day but didnt give me a topic, so I purposely spoke on something else. hee hee. I just couldnt bear to make someone feel as bad as I did at one point. It's a hard day.

    I'm so glad that you were properly spoiled. You deserve it, super mom!