Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eye Issues

I'm posting this so that all of you can give me some attention and sympathy:)

And I could use some prayers...

On Thursday I went to bed at like 7:00 that night and then didn't get up til 7:00 the next I slept for 12 hours straight with my contacts in (accidentally). In the morning I took out my contacts and then all day Friday my right eye was red, irritated, swollen, very sensitive to light, and in EXTREME pain, and seemed to be getting worse. I've had to be in the dark with sunglasses on and can't open my right eye at all. So yesterday I debated about whether to go to urgent care or an optometrist or opthamologist. I knew it was something way worse than pink eye. So I had Scott take me to an optometrist. Anyways, apparently what happened is when I slept with my contacts so long, they stuck to my cornea and when I took it out, it ripped part of my cornea off. The doctor said he saw corneal abrasions all over my eye. He gave me an antibiotic that is 10 times as strong as the normal pink eye antibiotic. However, he said I really won't have complete relief for about a week because it takes time for the cornea cells to regenrate. I will go see him on Monday and again at the end of next week where he will be able to tell if I have any permanent damage and scar tissue. Scott gave me a blesssing tonight and I just hope and pray there is no permanent damage and that I will be able to have my normal vision back (and hopefully be able to wear my contacts again). Only time will tell. In the mean time, I can't open my eye or be in any light so I can't really drive or go anywhere which is really frustrating. I'll keep you posted but could use your prayers.




  1. Julie thats so horrible!!! You will be in our prayers! I hope the meds will at least make it not hurt so bad for you!!

  2. Oh, Julie, That sounds awful! I'll definitely be praying for you. I wish I could come take care of your kids, clean your house and drive you places. Hang in there, and for sure update us!

  3. Ouch. That made my eyes water just reading it. Hope it heals quickly. Missed you at church!

  4. So sorry to hear about your eye problems, Julie! I really hope it heals quickly and that there's no permanent damage. It's the worst to have something like that hampering your motherly duties, but take care of yourself and get better!